DS1002 Programming for Data Science

University of Virginia School of Data Science

UVA School of Data Science | 4+1 Model

This course exposes students to fundamental coding languages and techniques in data science. Python and R will be the primary focus of the course. Popular packages such as pandas and tidyverse will be covered as well as how to write modular, reusable code. Additionally, software management skills such as Git and Github will be covered.

For students new to programming of any kind, this will be an introduction to working with the basic operations and data structures of two languages common to Data Science. We will also discuss and practice good habits around software development and management. As you will learn, there are several other pieces “around” the coding process to learn, such as setting up and working within different environments, source control using tools like git, and working with various types of data. These will be essential to our work in Python and R, and will undoubtedly serve you will in future courses.

Successful students will be able to approach fundamental data science tasks programmatically including data capture, cleaning, manipulation, and visualization with confidence and efficiency.

Course Details for Fall 2023:

Class Meetings

  • Times: Monday / Wednesday / Friday, 10:00 AM to 10:50 AM
  • Location: Ridley Hall G004
  • Dates: August 23, 2023 — December 4, 2023


Teaching Assistant

  • Name: Miles Zhou
  • Email: uar6nw@virginia.edu
  • Office Hours: 1:00-2:30pm Mondays in Dell 1, at the table near the video wall.

This syllabus is subject to change without announcement.

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